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Office of Finance

The office of finance is primarily engaged in financial affair on investment strategy and project of endowment fund. Since becoming a world class university is the long-term objective of NCKU, how to make the efficient use of the budget from the Ministry of Education and donations from numerous remarkable schoolfellows and kindhearted people is certainly an unseparable part of achieving this goal.
The Vice President for Finance is in charge of summarizing the tasks of planning and executing of financial affairs.  At present time, the Office is constituted of four divisions – Planning Division, Financial Division, Control Division and Cashier Division. Brief introduction of them as follows:
  • Planning Division is responsible for planning cash inflow and outflow of short-term funds so that these funds could be used efficiently. The division also takes charge of finding long-term investment opportunities and assessing long-run capital expenditure .The staffs of this division offer professional advice based on financial expertise and they pay much attention to discuss and coordinate with employees who is responsible to financial affair in NCKU in order to help the developing of objective of NCKU.
  • Financial Division is responsible for fund procurement and management to increase investment return and reduce the financial risk. The division also takes charge of short-term working capital management and operation, risk management procedures compliance, and long-term capital investment or development projects consulting.
  • Control Division is responsible for establishment of mechanism for investment risk management, monitoring, auditing and control to make the best use of the fund and achieve expected investment benefits. The division also takes charge of daily short and long-term investment risks, capital investment or development projects control and management.
  • Cashier Division is responsible for dispatching regular salary and hourly payments, collect various fees (including tuition fees, and fees for cooperative education), handle cash and cheques, do the bookkeeping, and other related activities.
Since school founding year, we have devoted to upgrading the level of higher education to create welfare of the people. Through the efforts of all the teachers and the students, widespread schoolfellows from NCKU have become the elitists and the backbones of our country, and contribute to our society a lot. NCKU has become a world class university and a cradle of academic and business talents.
The finance of national universities transforms from official budget to both school fund budget and official budget adopted. Its assets and liabilities are state-owned, and the equity is fund, with the restrictions of official laws and regulations, such as budget act, audit act, state property law, and university act.
   Traditional Office of Finance should have financial and accounting functions. Financial functions include cashier, financial management, investment management, and risk control. Accounting functions include budgeting, accounting treatments, financial statements conformity, and internal control. Chief financial officer (CFO) directs the Office of Finance, financial general control, and accounting functions, with the subordinates, treasurer and controller. Treasurer takes charge of financial and cashier functions. And controller takes charge of accounting and internal control functions.
   Office of Finance founded at December 26th, 2007, after adopted at the 2nd faculty and staff meeting. Office of Finance of NCKU is the first formal office of finance among national universities in Taiwan. With the important missions and responsibilities, Office of Finance of NCKU will spare no effort to accomplish the missions and duties.